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Nov 17 2014

Dedicated Resources – Think Beyond Contract Workers

Businessman hands with chains and contractThe whole world is buzzing around Contract Employees and are being used from startups to MNCs. Industries have understood the benefits of hiring individual contractors (IC) and have been reaping the fruits. Apart from having benefits of cost effective solutions, Contract business has its own disadvantages as mentioned below Read More >>

Nov 16 2014

5 points about Startup Failure

Help ImageMore than $50,000M is invested each year into the new startups in USA. Hence there are lot of new ideas coming up in the form of Startup Business. But very few sustain while others abandon or close the company. We are now to see the reality check about why the technology industries get closed. According to statistics by CBInsights most of the technical startups has a lifespan of within 20months. Following are few reasons for startup failure according to analysis solution from few 100 articles Read More >>