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Feb 20 2014

Disk Piracy Unleashed – How piracy happens?

People keep watching movies from illegal sources whereas people who suffer cry out loud to stop these illegal acts. But who cares? “I am satisfied” and “chalta hai” attitude makes things worse. Today piracy through disks is a true nightmare which film/entertainment industry has to tolerate. The inability of legal teams and let down by many other officials, the industries bleed with losses and they end up raising cost of movies and music. Read More >>

Feb 17 2014

Revolution against Pirated India

Free Legal MusicDo you think free songs are available in only pirated websites? Here comes Gerak with a new business model to provide free music and movie legally. More than that Gerak has pledged to provide more than 3lakh business opportunities for people around world. Read More >>

Jan 31 2014

Mobile Music Xchange Vulnerabilities

Mobile Music Exchange (MMX) is a brand belonging to Mobile Media Private Ltd. It is the exclusive assignees of copyrights for sound recordings providing legitimate music to millions of mobile phone users in India. MMX sells around 840 licenses annually, costing between Rs18,000 and Rs60,000 per license per year depending on the type and location of the shop. Read More >>

Jan 30 2014

Why are people brave enough to do music piracy?

An imprisonment of 6 months which may extend up to 3 years or a fine of INR 50000 to INR 2lakhs or both. These are the  punishments, in India, for any act of piracy under the Section 63(b) in The Copyright Act, 1957. Though the laws and punishments against piracy are severe, why do people still get involved in this illegal act of music piracy? The main reasons are the vast market demand for pirated music and the large amount of money one can earn by tapping into these illegal market opportunities.

Jan 29 2014

Unemployment due to Piracy

Hey did u know there’s a new music album by A.R. Rahman in the stores, and the first thing a person does is go online and check whether the album is available on the internet for free. Yes, pirated music is the main source to music these days. Read More >>

Jan 28 2014

War Against Music Piracy in India

Piracy Music FlagMusic sales in India has gone down by around 70% according to reports from USIBC. This loss could eventually be somewhere close to INR1950Crores annually according to Earnst & Young. Music World which was INR14K Crore business shut down all its 100 stores across the country by 1st July 2013 due to the effects of piracy. Flipkart‘s music website FlyteMP3 was shut down completely due to piracy and issues in Read More >>