Apr 4 2014

Interesting Conference – Nandha Engineering College, Erode

29th March 2014
kuthuvilakkuNandha Engineering College, Erode has put a mark in Industries with their special researching skills. Unlike various other National Conferences, “Futuristic Computing and Communication Technologies” organizes by Computer Science department was interesting with several good and advanced research topics. Gerak is proud to be a part of this event as our CEO Daranivasan was the Chief Guest for the inaugural function of this event.
He was welcomed with open hands by Principal Dr.S.Arumugam, Dr.N.Shanthi and Prof.K.Gunasekar. Before we miss out, Nandha Engineering College is one of very few colleges that is trying to get to the standards of international education by giving lot of exposure to students. It also gives more than what industry expects these days to eradicate gap between education and job.

Dr.N.Shanthi who showed up with simplicity explained what a research was and how it has to be done. This part is an important one as many still doesn’t understand the reality behind research. Earlier while Principle was speaking to audience, he encourages people to perform more interesting things. During his speech he just was putting some rhyming to his lines as Clouds or Natural Clouds which again Daranivasan used it as a powerful statement for research topic.


Later while addressing the audience, Daranivasan explained how research can improve revenue of India by using examples like WearFin technology and Circuit Scribe Technologies. Added with those, Daranivasan also gave few ideas to overcome issues around them and encouraged people to work on research towards products. Few examples mentioned were

  • Raising the quality of the growth agriculture products through an automatic monitors on temperature, soil dampness, soil nutrients, pest level and few others
  • Vertical farming of few types of crops for huge yields from small spaces
  • Small packets of ready-to-use Oxygen bags with masks to help people working in dangerous environments where gas leaks had occurred
  • Nano Medics: Wearable chips that can keep track of health of each person through mobile apps
  • Elder people Wellness Professionals
  • Waste data handler: Future there will be a major demand in people towards controlling of waste data and erasing it off accordingly

Also to everyone’s astonishment, Daranivasan unlike other Chief Guests went through all the abstracts and chose one of the interesting researches about controlling car directions through mind. He offered to provide assistance to Ms.Naveena and Ms.Priya who were presenting the paper and also explained how to use existing technologies like NeuroSky and Muse in their research.


Mr.A.Daranivasan (CEO of Gerak Technologies) addressing the gathering at Nandha Engineering CollegeFinally while speaking with Secretary S.Thirumoorthi, CEO informed that with the quality of educational reforms being taken in the College, Gerak would be happy to take part and support them if appropriate. Thirumoorthy also informed that they would love to join hands with Gerak on educational reforms and improve the quality and ability of their Innovation cell and Entrepreneurs cells.

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