Nov 17 2014

Dedicated Resources – Think Beyond Contract Workers

Businessman hands with chains and contractThe whole world is buzzing around Contract Employees and are being used from startups to MNCs. Industries have understood the benefits of hiring individual contractors (IC) and have been reaping the fruits. Apart from having benefits of cost effective solutions, Contract business has its own disadvantages as mentioned below

  • Less/No control on how the task is completed, the codes used and the quality achieved
  • Increased exposure to Federal or state audits like the IRS audits
  • Constantly rotation of staffs will hinder the progress of work products
  • ICs lack loyalty and could hinder your brand value
  • Work done by IC is owned by him/her

With all these serious issues why not take an option of a dedicated resource at a remote location. Gerak’s Dedicated Resource service offers you a completely wide range of benefits and makes you think beyond ICs. Few benefits are provided as follows

  • Working days and times as per your request
  • Security, Quality and Time Adherence standards set by your industry
  • You own what you asked for
  • Online tools to control the progress
  • You can choose/select your team
  • Cost Effective

Do you still want IC or want to outsource? Look into this comparison chart

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