Mar 20 2014

Innovations at Mohamed Sathak Engineering Colege, Kilakarai

13th March 2014

Darani Chiefguest MSECGerak’s young and dynamic CEO participated as Chief Guest at Mohamed Sathak Engineering College, Kilakarai near Ramnad for National Conference on Advances and Innovations in Information Technology’ 2014. He was welcomed warmly by the college officials, participants and students. Principal Mr.Mohamed Jahabar when addressing gave examples of advanced researches that could help the world’s data and its importance. He explained the need of user data and sizes of data, data centre to explain the seriousness of research that scholars could achieve these days.

Later while Daranivasan addressed the gathering; let them know how research can help a country grow with few examples of WearFin technology. He explained how the chain reaction and various fields getting more job opportunities and spoke about economy growth to help people understand why must research be encouraged. He also let people know that research need not be done by any PhD scholars but can also be done from school days. He encouraged various departments to join hands and create products than enhancing the existing ones. He also gave few mouth-opening ideas for products for people’s issues which they face in their regions. Few ideas were like

  1. Less expensive customized system for fishermen tracking as they are being regularly caught by Sri Lankan Navy for reasons like International Waters
  2. Placing satellite underwater instead of being placed in space to save cost on sending it up to sky and re-usability of device
  3. A new digital mechanism with which even 1GB in present world can be 1MB in the new system and this could solve several major IT issues around world
  4. Vehicles that does not run on power nor fuel
  5. Creation of hover boards to make emergency vehicles fly in instead of getting stuck in traffic
  6. Machines that can cool the environment and reduce Carbon Footprints and few more.


He did not stop there, but also advised the people to join hands with MBA students & staffs to create business models so that these research products can get more business. He also spoke about start-ups help desks like Yourstory, VSPrudence Advisors, Armin.L.Rau’s Innomista and few others. He also explained how these ideas can make Ramnad another major industrial base without more needs from Government. It was the idea of the original founder of Mohamed Sathak Education Trust. The talk inspired people and students who later requested discussion sessions for 3rd and final years CSE and IT students.

Darani-cg-msecDaranivasan explained how a project comes in and later goes through various phases to reach the ultimate goal of the project. Student participated in activities with more interest and involved more in discussions. Finally Daranivasan participated in Valedictory function and also gave few certificates while Principal gave prizes for winners. College authorities also informed that over 1000 research papers came in and they had a tough time in searching the best ones to move into final rounds.

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