Feb 20 2014

Disk Piracy Unleashed – How piracy happens?

People keep watching movies from illegal sources whereas people who suffer cry out loud to stop these illegal acts. But who cares? “I am satisfied” and “chalta hai” attitude makes things worse. Today piracy through disks is a true nightmare which film/entertainment industry has to tolerate. The inability of legal teams and let down by many other officials, the industries bleed with losses and they end up raising cost of movies and music.

 Here we explain what happens in real time scenario and how disk piracy spread out. By this story we do not want to target any official or any specific group or individual. In my view the blame for piracy has to be even the end users who purchase the cheap disks.

 We consider an tamil movie for example as I am from Singara Chennai. Now a movie gets released in theater. For the first couple of days no major actions would be there. After that the movie is recorded through a video cam and is sent to countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand. This list also includes few cities in India like Delhi, Cochin. These locations are all hot spots for multiplying the copies.


Each duplicating machine is capable of creating more than 20000 disk copies a day. These disks are then packed again as it is a bundle of blank CDs and advanced technical mechanisms are followed to keep the disks away from scanners. Then these are brought into India through “Kuruvi(ee)” (a person who brings illegal items from/to India) by flights. The first round will actually bring in around 3K to 5K copies with low quality to boost demand and raise the value of the movie in the black market.

 Once expected demands achieved more orders are passed and more Kuruvees are now involved and these people are talented enough to bring in more than 20K disks per day. These Kuruvi also get help from government officials by making it safely through customs and other security processes. By the time disks reach India, the labels and packing materials would already be ready. Once these Kuruvees touch the ground distributions starts. At the maximum, it would take 2-3hrs job well done. Disks are now in retail market on the same day.

Few Kuruvees generally travel with Business visas which is the more pathetic situation. Or should that be called as the fate? Kuruvees don’t travel in a single flight to avoid getting caught. They travel by different flight to reach India. With this story, you could understand the breathing time of a movie in theatres can be a maximum of 10-15days. If the movie does not make money within this time gap, then they will never. The data in the article are true which everyone knows but can never be proved. It is an untold black truth.

 Few facts that I admire in these piracy promoters are dedication, risk taking ability, co-ordination, knowledge that helps them achieve targets. The works gets over at high pace and agility that it would have got over within couple of hours. This accuracy, ability, co-ordination can not even be found in huge MNCs.

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