Feb 17 2014

Revolution against Pirated India

Free Legal MusicDo you think free songs are available in only pirated websites? Here comes Gerak with a new business model to provide free music and movie legally. More than that Gerak has pledged to provide more than 3lakh business opportunities for people around world.


More than 95% of the songs downloaded are pirated. India has to go through a serious change in marketing models. Few say it is a boon while others say it is their fate. Few directors from film industry feel pirating music is good because it creates more hype for the movie and chances of the movie being a hit is high. But for few album creators and musicians it is pain since it is their life.


Indian people feel that music must be made available to all at almost FREE of cost. But how will this help make revenue for music industries? The music is expensive and is almost INR60-80/- per album which people would be able to download freely from internet. Few interesting concepts came in where music was made cheap at around INR5/- per song but did not survive as the expected revenue was not achieved.  Government bodies, Legacy, ISPs, IT Giants like Google and many other organizations spend millions of USD every year to reduce Piracy. But it feels like on each illegal source curbed, 100 new illegal sources are created (Example: removing songspk.com has brought in around10-15websites with the basename as songspk). Officials are all dumbstruck and out of funds to work on new methodologies.


In this tough situations, people do explain their problem as Faizal.A which could seem reasonable. But for few to be benefited is it correct to destroy the creators revenue? What could be the possible solutions that could be profitable for all?


Gerak’s CPPT is an innovative method to provide music freely and legally. The concept aims at providing more than 3lakh business opportunities and more than 10K direct and indirect jobs through this concept. The concept aims at increasing the revenue for music and motion pictures industry in India as Stage1. With very small value anyone can now start business for free streaming and earn a enough and still public can get free music and movies legally. For more information on starting this legal profitable business, contact info@gerak.in

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