Jan 29 2014

Unemployment due to Piracy

Hey did u know there’s a new music album by A.R. Rahman in the stores, and the first thing a person does is go online and check whether the album is available on the internet for free. Yes, pirated music is the main source to music these days.

Whenever an album is released, the first thing a person does is to search for FREE downloads in internet by Google or the known websites/torrents. There is a great demand for pirated music in today’s world, where people want to make quick money at less expense. Piracy fulfils the needs of a layman economically. A person who wants to make easy money steals the hard work done by musicians and sells many at lower cost, making huge profits. A person who wants to spend less or nothing, seeks pirated music as it is available for low cost or FREE.

What is the impact of piracy on unemployment?

Is stealing 5paise wrong? I would say not wrong

Is stealing 5paise from 5 people wrong? I would say no again

Is stealing 5paise from 50 people 50 times wrong? Hmm… That sounds a little wrong

Is stealing 5paise from 50,000 people 5lakh times wrong? Yes, it is definitely wrong

This is what happens with piracy as well. People steal little by little and create a big loss.

A study released by The U.S. – India Business Council (USIBC) estimates that the Indian entertainment industry is hit with severe unemployment crisis due to piracy. According to them, around 800,000 direct and indirect jobs are lost each year. This also adds to the woes of the people and they get poorer. People fight against various governments and term their methods of controlling is wrong. How will government become responsible for these loses? The financial numbers are also huge, in the sense; the industry loses around $4 billion every year. This is an enormous and unacceptable magnitude of loss – by any measure. This shows how deep this virus called “piracy” has grown into our system resulting in huge job and revenue loss to the Indian economy.

How can it be treated?

Both the parties involved in piracy (the one who pirates the music and the one who downloads the pirated music) do not realise what piracy is doing to our nation.

At an individual level, a person should understand that it’s his/her duty to support the anti-piracy efforts and say no to piracy. When people stop using pirated content the ones running the piracy business cannot survive for long.

At the national level, IMI & the entertainment industry should take initiatives to educate the people on how one person saying no to piracy impacts the entire Nation in various ways. Actions should be taken against people who are involved in piracy, in such a way, that it serves as an example for others not to follow suit.

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